Different Kinds Of Surfboards


When you are choosing a surfboard you need to know the different varieties of surfboard models that are available in the market these days. The two main categories are shortboard and longboard which again are subdivided into different forms and varieties. There is a surfboard for every surfer as per his or her style as well as preference.

Two Categories Of Surfboards

When you compare the two categories of surfboards, it is apparent that longboards are longer than shortboards in length. The longboards are usually thicker, wider and more rounded at the nose end or the front part. Shortboards on the other hand, have a pointed nose and are easier to maneuver for which many surfers prefer the shortboard. Longboards are also known as Malibu boards as that is where they originated first. They were first designed and used by the Hawaiian Polynesians who go way back in surfing history. Such boards are known to extend upto fourteen feet and are usually formed of solid wood. Today the modern longboards are designed of balsa wood or hollow plywood. Thus, the modern surfboards are lightweight and durable.

Variations Of The Longboard

When you wish to choose a good surfboard, you will find the tri-fin design on many of them. There are three fin like appendages that extend from the tail region and that helps one to maneuver the waves better. There is a 2+1 long board design that is an intermediate design between the tri-fin and the classic design. This particular longboard has three fins, but the smaller ones on the sides are smaller than the ones found on the tri fin designs. The gun longboard is another variation of the longboard classic design which offer better performance on the waves which is mainly due to the teardrop shape that it incorporates.

Shortboard Variations

The shortboards on the other hand, usually vary between five to seven feet in length and can have two to five fins. The four finned surfboards are called quads. An egg surfboard is longer than a shortboard of the classic design which is more rounded and hence it is easier to use. The fish is another variation of the shortboard which is usually under six feet in length and has a fishtail shape. Other sixes also come with a fishtail.

Surfboard Composition

The material of surfboards of the modern designs comprises of polyurethane foam or polystyrene which are then covered with polyester resin or epoxy. Some surfboards are designed out of balsa wood entirely. This wood has a long association with the Hawaiian surfboards which has been preferred by the locals here due to its durability, its aesthetic looks as well as its environmentally friendly features. While such a surfboard might be an expensive addition to your sport, you can opt for hollow wood surfboards as well. These come of spruce, redwood or cedar and offer equal ease of use with their lightweight designs.

Article written by Motorboot Mieten Makarska