From The Algarve to The Greek Islands, The Best Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Why do we sail the Mediterranean?

Is it to bask in those shimmering orange sunsets? Is it to sip a fine French Chardonnay while delighting on succulent Kalamata olives? Perhaps you’ve set out on a course along a coastline laden with ancient cities and overgrown ruins?

There’s always a good reason to book a yacht charter along the Mediterranean. From dining in some of Europe’s finest seafood restaurants, to relaxing journeys along stunning coastline, we can’t imagine a better holiday.

For an unforgettable journey, sail from Cape Saint Vincent Portugal to Europe’s most southerly point, Gavdos Island just off Greece. Along the way visit vineyards, book a Mediterranean culinary workshop, try Europe’s finest seafood and explore a city still hidden within its medieval walls. Here are some of the best sights and delights to explore along your charter.

Africa is just a hop, skip, and a jump away

It’s not Gibraltar, but the small and lesser known seaside village of Tarifa which canlay claim to being Spain’s most southerly town. The Moors built a castle here, look out from its tower window and what you’ll see boldly facing you is Morocco. Perhaps the best thing about Tarifa is a visit to a nearby beach called Playa de Bolonia. As you take a stroll through the sand you’ll be surrounded by astounding Roman ruins. With nearby restaurants and café’s offering a tasty break, it’s a visit you’ll be sure to recall.

Make a dramatic entrance

On the southern tip of Corsica, dramatic cliffs make for one of the most incredible natural harbour entrances in the world. Steer your boat to the spellbinding town medieval town of Bonifacio. Corsica is the product of much volcanic activity; the island is the most mountainous in the Mediterranean. Plenty of nature reserves and over 200 beaches make Corsica a great place to go hiking. Of course if it’s history you seek then visit the island’s capital, and Napoleon Boneparte’s birthplace, Ajaccio. His boyhood home is now a museum and well worth a tour.

Venice in Greece


Chania Town is Crete’s second largest cities. Originally a Greek resettlement of a bronze age city, but today’s historic centre is dominated by Venetian facades dating back to the middle ages when it was sold to the Italian city.  Food in this bustling, beautiful city can be found on every corner. For a truly authentic Greek experience though, follow your nose to Karnayio, a taverna just behind the harbour.

Mediterranean sailing lends itself to many tastes, but a lifetime isn’t long enough to steer your boatalong all those incredible remnants of European history and southern flavours. Charter your journey to the tune of fine Port and Peter Starstedt for an unforgettableMediterranean experience.