How to Stay Comfortable on a Long Trip

Whether you’re in a large SUV or a small sedan, you can be comfortable on the road even for long trips. While SUVs like Toyota Highlander may be more spacious, you can make do even in a sedan like the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta as well. There’s no need to give up your comfort based on the car you’re riding in!

  1. Make good use of your leg room

Leg room is a prized commodity in most road trips. The front seats are the best, but that doesn’t mean the back seats have to be bad. Make sure there’s nothing in the foot beds except your legs and feet. Keep bags away from that precious space so you can relax a bit more during the trip.

  1. Rearrange whenever needed

Sometimes it can help to get out of the car and switch seats up so each person gets to sit differently. This helps split up front seat time and lets people stretch their legs a bit more each time you rearrange, helping everyone stay a little more comfy.

  1. Take pit stops for your guests

No one likes to be stuffed in the car for hours at a time without moving. It’s better to make sure pit stops are being taken whenever needed. It’s not just your car that needs fuel, people also need something to keep them going! Stop for a quick stretch, a bite to eat, or a little rest.

  1. Pack your bags strategically

Instead of having things overflowing into the passenger area, pack your bags are tightly as possible in the back of the vehicle. Try to keep it safe, but don’t stuff yourself into a seat with bags all around you. No one will be comfortable with bags in the foot wells or seats.

  1. Keeps snacks and drinks on hand

In case you don’t want to stop too often, keep some smaller snacks and water on hand in the car for easy access. This helps a lot if you have kids in the car as well, since you never know when they may need something to eat or drink.


Road tripping doesn’t have to be a miserable experience for everyone. You can enjoy your trip and limit discomfort in the car if you’re smart about how you do things along the way.