What can you do and see in Faro?

Faro is the largest municipality of the district with the same name, in the Algarve region of Portugal.  Faro is mostly known for the beautiful beaches it has. Many tourists come here every year to experience the local Faro experience.

Things to do and see while in Faro

            Although Faro is mostly known for the famous beaches, there is more to see than sand and water. Here is what you can see in Faro:

  1. Museu Arqueológico – one of the few museums in Faro, the Archeological Museum has many stuff to show to those interested in paying it a visit. The museum has collections dating back since the Romans and Moorish, but also the medieval times and the 18th and the 19th The most beautiful piece here is the Roman floor mosaic with the Neptune dating from 3rd century AD.
  2. Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Carmo- this 18th century Carmo church was built using a baroque style. Today it is more of a place where locals go rather than a big tourist site. Despite that, the interior of this church is designed with a beautiful altarpiece sparkling thanks to golden leaves from Brazil.
  3. Cathedral Se – this cathedral was built on the place of an Arab Mosque and later on adjustments form Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles were brought to it. Around 1596 the church was nearly destroyed, but after some 17th century renovation work, it looked more attractive. This cathedral is not always open to tourists, so do not be disappointed if you will find a written sign on the door saying “Please respect our privacy. We are praying.”
  4. Ilha de Faro – if you want to spend a day on the beach, reading a book, enjoying a some sunbathing and not only, this beach is the only one that can be accessed by car.

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